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Our additional benefits...

✔ System of technical-economic predictive analysis with feasibility study elaboration and preliminary business plan evaluation

✔ Bilateral agreement with primary societies for purchase and installation of high quality standards products

✔ “Commissioning” management technical experience for installation and maintenance

✔ High skilled staff and partners for installation and maintenance

✔ High qualifies technical assistanc

✔ Customized finance management

✔ Customer assistance during the whole authorization cycle

...Realizing the following works:

  • Photovoltaic Installation and Energy Storage
    • Photovoltaic and Energy Storage installation and management.
  • F.E.R. installation
    • Installation and management of Solar Thermal Technologies.
    • Installation and management of P.d.C. impants.
    • Installation and management of micro, co and tri-generation and TLR distribution systems (district heating).
  • Realization and management of BIOGAS systems and treatment of FORSU’S humid-composite
    • Installation and management of bio-digestion systems and humid-composite treatment industry.
Milano EnergiaMilano Energia is a brand of Energa Group