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Our additional benefits...

✔ Multiyear experience in systems management with service development, customizations and update based on real customer’s requests.

✔ Multiyear experience in technological systems management and high-qualified analysis capacity of our experienced Energy staff

✔ High skilled planning and engineering abilities

✔ Technical-Operative organization and management

✔ High skilled staff and partners

✔ “Commissioning” abilities

✔ Instruments for speeding up the entire certification cycle

✔ Constant customer support

✔ Customized financial management

...Realizing the following works:

  • Techie and energetic systems management
    • System management and maintenance
    • Full service management of techie and energetic systems throughout customized Standard and Plus Energy Serice”.

  • Energetic diagnosis of buildings and systems in order to identify malfunctioning and solve them throughout customized solutions.
  • Energetic Certification for buildings and systems
  • Professional consultancy for F.E.R. subsidizing and deduction.
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of eco-saving intervention for new or existing buildings
Milano EnergiaMilano Energia is a brand of Energa Group