THE ENERGY… Innovative, sustainable and at your own disposal.

Since 1988 ENERGA GROUP SRL, which is a successful engineering Company, has been working in full energy sector. Respecting the environment, ENERGA has run and achieved more than 300 production facilities for over 15.000 different kind of housings, industrial and commercial buildings constantly dealing with challenges strictly linked with the efficient, rational and sustainable use of energy thanks to an approach based on a winning mix of innovative, long standing experience and highly technical solutions. Our main goal and founding principle has always been to offer an efficient and effective service to the end users in terms of completeness, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.



“Efficiency and saving are the only bricks able to build the future of our planet”

Our group is composed of three different divisions which well-facing all the energetic sector’s shades.


Supply of energetic services integrated with loan planning, realization and management.
Supply of environmentally friendly products.
Supply and management of BIOGAS production and treatment of FORSU organic humid.

Milano EnergiaMilano Energia is a brand of Energa Group